Creative Flow – Techno Painting for Teams


I would like to present a unique team building activity which can help unlock your employee’s creativity and help create new group dynamics.


In contrast with the workplace or traditional team building exercises which focus on group discussion and sharing, the Techno Painting Workshop is a primarily non-verbal activity. This can help shift existing team dynamics. The group is more likely to find a balance between extrovert and introvert personality types.


The process is guided in such way that the participants are urged to just do. The instructions are simple so that anyone can follow, irrespective of whether they have prior painting experience or if they think of themselves as creative or not. The entrancing music and accessible technique are conducive to flow states.


“Flow” is the term used by researchers for optimal states of consciousness, those peak moments of total absorption where self vanishes, time flies, and all aspects of performance go through the roof.


Every participant starts with the same accessible instructions and each individual will take different paths and express themselves differently. Every participant witnesses the other participant’s artistic process. Your team sees itself in a different light.


No prior painting experience is needed. Just show up and enjoy the process. In the end each participant will have a beautiful work of art (acrylic on canvas), ready to be hung on the wall.


How it goes in practice:


First we will explore the creative process, and decide on the color palette for each person. Then we’ll take 2 minutes to absorb ourselves in the music and learn how to translate its energy into painting.

You will be personally instructed in the unique technique and mixing of colors.

We will begin to work in layers of color. You will be immersed in the creative process, forgetting your everyday life and expressing your inner playfulness.

We will take 2 breaks to discuss the process, evaluate the outcome so far and decide how to proceed. During the breaks drinks and snacks will be served.


While we’re painting Dina (the host) will gladly share the “secrets” of Berlin’s club culture.  Discussing the dress codes and door policies of the major clubs, where she performs and parties every weekend.


About the Host:


Dina Shneider is a Visual Artist living and creating in Berlin.

She has a degree in Art History and currently working on a Techno Painting project – abstract live paintings, illustrating the music and vibe of Berlin Techno culture. Her performance portfolio includes top Berlin clubs such as Kater Blau, Kitkat, Ritter Butzke and Sisyphos.

In order to create an expressive art piece, in a short period of time (during the DJ set) and in public surroundings, she’s developed a unique painting technique, which is used in this workshop.

The workshop has been successfully running since July 2018 on Airbnb platform as an Experience called: Paint Together with a Berlin Artist (Top Rated). You can find reviews here:

*Booking can be done through Airbnb or directly.


More information about the host:

On Facebook:

And Instagram: _nowhere101


Maximal Number of participants: 10

*If your team includes more than 10 participants, it would be best to create 2 separate groups.