Heart Chakra (Abstract Mandalas project)

Heart Chakra, 80cm x 80cm, Acrylic on Canvas, available for sale.
This painting is not a Techno Painting. It is done in a different technique. It was done during the first lockdown in Berlin when everybody were scared and unsure.

Green is the color of growth, life, balance, health and prosperity. It is also the color of the heart chakra. I have painted this Abstract Mandala because I want to contribute something of my abilities to society.I’m an artist. I am not an essential worker. I am not a health worker. I’m not a scientist. I can’t write code… I can’t even hold an office job (although desperately tried). But…I have a great job, I host an art workshop that helps people connect with their creative nature and lifts their spirits. I miss my job. I miss teaching people how to create something beautiful. Humans need direct experience to feel alive! It is not enough to read something or watch something. It is not enough to do a mental exercise. We have to experience a “doing” – a creation – to actually feel alive. This is my gift to the world. I teach people to touch their creative spark. I can’t wait to be able to do this again.

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