Dirty Doering

Dirty Doering dotdotdot... This is Electric #24
DotDotDot Presents…This Is Electric #24 100 x 100

It really was just a matter of time until I found the magic of Dirty Doering.

My taste in music started changing towards summer 2017. There were a few reasons that made me crave a more bright and melodic soundtrack to my life.

I was in contact with a music producer that was not a big fan of hard techno. I started to go out to other clubs like Kater Blau and Sisyphos.

I had an psychedelic experience that made me open my eyes to many aspects of my life that I wanted to change, particularly I wanted to change my attraction to darkness.

I was searching for Kater sound and encountered a list of tracks. One was by Dirty Doering. And I fell in love.  Next 2 months were all about the amazingly, dramatic, melodic and superbly executed music of this man.

This was my choice for the painting:

It made me feel of summer rain. And I wanted to express a positive force, choosing the bright colors, and executing in light strokes.

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