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Techno Painting Workshop – Rated one of Top 5 experiences on Airbnb Berlin!

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Make your own Techno Painting with a Berlin artist and get acquainted with Berlin’s unique Techno scene.

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Selected Reviews:

“It’s been the second time that I did Techno Painting with Dina – last time I went with a friend, this time I brought my family. Dina is a incredible person and her stories and sharing of her experiences is breathtaking. Painting with her technique is fun and leads to beautiful results thanks to her caring guidance. I hope a third time will be coming up soon :-).” – Franziska, February 2020

“Dina has found her zone of genius with techno painting and I’m grateful that she’s sharing her gifts with the world through this Airbnb experience. Arriving to her place was super easy and once all the students gathered, Dina was off to the races. “Let go of all expectations. This is a process and you’ll get into flow state. There’s no room for your thoughts or ego.” I had never painted with acrylic but was surprised on the end result. But again, it was the journey that was so amazing – spiritual if I may say. Dina has inspired me to continue to pursue techno painting and channel my inner creative juices in the form of art I can include in my surroundings or share with loved ones. If you’re reading this, just go ahead and book it, YOU WILL HAVE A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE.” – Ankurman, January 2020

“An amazing experience! Dina has a great concept set up and it really connects you to Berlin, the techno scene, and to her personal experience using a warm and friendly style. And I got a cool painting out of it!” – Andrei, December 2019

“This experience was wonderful and insightful. I didn’t know what to expect while going in but afterward I felt better in my life and with more clarity. Learning about Dina and her process paralleled with myself and where I would like to go in life. The artistic side of me was brought forward with this amazing experience and I will cherish my painting and this day.” – Isaiah, November 2019

“Wow! What an experience! Dina was amazing from start to finish. We connected straight away, spoke at length about ourselves on many different levels, and I felt very relaxed, AND excited too. I’ve never painted before and our introduction and conversation lead us into an idea of what I could paint. Dina was incredibly helpful throughout the process and very encouraging, and so was the music!! The combination of Techno & Painting was a ‘stroke’ of genius! Dina helped unearth a creative side that I never knew existed! The whole experience was truly amazing, and the time just flew by as we talked, laughed and shared stories! I left feeling like I’d taken part in something very special, and loved my painting, and the experience with Dina!” – Paul, October 2019

“Two words: BOOK THIS! If you’re a lover of music, art, or have even a slight interest in either, this is the experience for you. Dina brought a wealth of knowledge and a welcoming vibe that was so wonderful. Felt like seeing an old friend even though we’d just met! We had so much fun listening and connecting over music and painting, learning about Berlin and the club culture, and sharing stories. Highly recommend!!” – Amelia, Octpber 2019

“This experience was one like no other! Dina is a magical human being who radiates positive vibes and makes you feel warm and comfortable as soon as you enter her apartment. Having zero painting experience and limited artistic abilities, she guided me into creating a piece that I left feeling proud of. She is so talented and passionate about her art which is reflected by the way she was able to create such a fun and unique experience. Thank you Dina! <3” – Sarah, September 2019

“It was such a wonderful experience to paint with Dina. I like the way she started the session first by having short chat so that we could know each other better. We shared our culture, background as well as the experience of the life in Berlin. I truly had unforgettable moment in Berlin at her studio:) highly recommend to take this session.” Yu, August 2019
“We had such a fantastic and unique experience with Dina . She put us at ease on arrival and we had fascinating conversations throughout. The technique she uses is easy and everyone can try with no experience needed. Sharing the experience with another couple just added to the fun . Dina also has a deep knowledge of the Berlin club scene which has been a huge influence on her life and inspired this progression into the professional art world. Recommend this experience to everyone and anyone !” – Robert, June 2019

“As an artist, teacher and techno lover this experience attracted me on many levels. It was challenging at first to “let go” and be led by Dina but once I did, gently guided by Dina’s gentle self-assuredness, it was really enjoyable embracing the experience. Dina is a warm, kind and intuitive lady who made us all feel at ease straight away. Her passion for her music and art is infectious. Julie and Maike, my fellow students, were very interesting women. We had some really interesting and quite in depth philosophical chats during the small breaks whilst we waited for paint to dry be fore applying the next layer. The insights on various subjects were enlightening and thought provoking. I look forward to putting this technique into practice both in my private life, with my daughter and my own practice, and in my professional life as a teacher. This experience will appeal to anyone who has a love or art and music. Don’t worry about having any prior knowledge or experience – Dina will show you the way!” – Jane, May 2019

“This experience with Dina was rich, fun, and genuine. Dina is a contagious, spirit of life and love. When she opened the door it was like meeting a old friend. Her approach to painting through this intuitive, techno music approach is authentic to her style and passion. I left with insights into Berlin club culture, into creating from the music of the moving body and how to follow the flow of intuition in art and beyond. Thank you, Dina.” – Johann Robert, April 2019

“Don’t hesitate to book this experience! You will have an amazingly unique time, with a fantastic person. Dina is passionate, innovative and has a way of inviting you into her world. I had no artistic experience, but was made to feel instantly comfortable. Dina’s method and her way of explaining things make it very easy to start expressing yourself & trying something new! Go to have fun. Go to create. Go to EXPERIENCE! I mean…that’s why you are in Berlin, right? 5 stars! Thank you Dina! – Luise, March 2019

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