Artist – Dina Shneider

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Artist Biography:

Dina Shneider was born to a family immersed in Art and Culture with both parents being classical
musicians. She started her painting education and music school at four years old. After finishing a
university degree in Art History she had explored different career paths and ended up working in Tech and various Start Ups. Shneider relocated to Berlin following her Tech career. However, about a year into Berlin’ life she has discovered that her job is the cause of her depression and that she would not be happy unless she’s expressing herself artistically. Greatly influenced by Berlin’s nightlife, Shneider was inspired to share her clubbing experiences – to turn them into abstract paintings. Alongside painting and performance art, Shneider is working as an art teacher and hosting a successful workshop called “Techno Painting” (bookings are available on Airbnb Berlin and Eventbrite platforms).

Performances and Exhibitions:

Tete Gallery 9.2.2018

Kater Blau 15.4.2018

Kitkat 4.5.2018

Ritter Butzke 20.7.2018

Kater Blau 22.9.2018

Sisyphos 22.4.2019

The Ballery exhibition + Performance 12 – 22.6.2019

Suicide Circus 15.6.2019

Kleine Humboldt Galerie 12.7.2019

Soho House Berlin 29.8.2019

50/50 The Matter of Duality exhibition 20 – 28.1. 2020


Techno Painting

The music turns into color, the beat into strokes.

“November 2016. I was in Berghain for the third time in my life. I was dancing next to strangers, feeling surrounded by friends. I was free like never before. I loved myself. I loved my surroundings. And I was aware that I’m feeling this love. This was a ceremony and the music was a sophisticated shamanic drum.There was something sacred in that moment.

I had an incredible urge to share that experience with the whole world.

But how?

The lights were pulsating above my head. I could see the powerful dance movements. I felt the strong vibration of the music. I was surrounded by beautiful chaos.

And then it hit me. I can paint this experience. I’m looking at an abstract painting!

Everything connected for me with that realization. There is something incredibly unique about Berlin compared to other capitals. What makes this city special is its underground culture. Berlin’s Techno Scene differs from other Night Life cities for many reasons. This is not escapism as some may assume. Berlin’s famous clubs are places where people can find themselves, free of judgment, free to discover who they are and stop hiding behind a conformist mask.”

Shneider found her greatest inspiration on the dance floor. She dived and immersed herself in Berlin’s underground Techno Scene and consequently discovered herself, shedding away the conformist mask and stepping into her power as a creator.

As a painter she’s able to bring forth a subjective experience and make it visually available for others to connect to and to feel her inner world. When translating the Techno sound in into visual means, she divides the process into three main layers:

The first layer must define the kind of energy that the painting will reflect. Here she takes in the general vibe of the music, especially the rhythm, and chooses the color combination.

The second layer, the main colors and forms, arise out of the “body” of the music. After the colors are chosen and the main shapes are on the canvas, she tunes herself in into the music and lets her hand dance. The energy flows from the sound system, into her ears, into her hand, and onto the canvas in an intuitive and unfiltered way.

All the sound variations, percussions and the melodic flow take her on a journey. The energy urges her to move. Every four beats there’s a new path that flows into another. As a dancer, she expresses what she hears using the movement of her body. As a painter, she’s able to bring the rhythm and energy through her hand onto the canvas.

In the third layer of the creation process, the high notes and the bass must give the painting its depth and contrast. The bass gives a set its power and its depth; it wraps everything together. The bass is the dark gray, blue, or black color. The high notes accent the bass in clear bright colors, which land in fierce strokes.

The whole creation captures within it the subjective experience of the artist, as well as the objective surroundings that enable her to be inspired. In her expression she is bringing forth the innate spirit of Berlin city.